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We are private organization specialize in Clean Energy Technologies, Renewable energy resources Development and deployment consultancy. We are into various Renewable Energy Services. Energy generation and Advisory services. We undertake Energy Efficiency planning, Energy Auditing and Power system projects Management. We collaborate on developing Clean Energy resources utilization policies in the developing nations globally.


Renewable Energy transition is no doubt solution to the persistent global energy crises and Global warming. African Countries, MENA and OECD are the countries with poor energy generation and are the countries mostly affected by the global energy crises. And they are the countries with the most significant energy solutions, because;

1.They have plenty of open sky with much sun and solar radiation,

2.They have open virgin land with medium speed wind for wind power generation,

3.They have abundant plants and various opportunities to grow trees for bio fuel.


Hence we must encourage government policy makers, private sector and Non-governmental organizations to come together and invest to solve the devastating global energy demand and climate change catastrophe.

we are Rendanet we have solution to your energy need


1.To create enabling environment for the deployment of abundant resources in the renewable energy sector globally;

2.To raise the profile of renewable energy as an attractive and alternative energy option;

3. To be a major player in Clean energy technology design and development in Africa;

4. To be among the global key energy technology companies in management of projects and training structures to enable a global renewable energy transition;

5. To encourage governments to include renewable energy deployment and utilization components in renewable energy policies.

6. To provide enabling environment for an effective utilization and development of clean energy sources for small businesses, rural and sub-urban healthcare centers.

we aim to contribute toward sustainable energy 4 All





To ensure success on our mission to power the less developed world, we enter into partnership with various organizations