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RENDANet we take clean energy seriously. We provide custom-designed solutions including:

- Energy audit

- System feasibility and design

- Commercial project development

- Equipment procurement (management of third party tender process)

- System installation and after-service

- Monitoring and evaluation

- Technical training to technicians, communities, policy-makers and others

- Project design and management

- Technical and commercial studies

RENDANet tailor solutions to each client's specific energy needs and budget from Agriculture to Healthcare. We based our services on various energy resources (wind, solar PV and thermal, renewable- hybrid). Energy efficiency is a key "resource" and is always prioritized.

Our clients are public institutions, commercial businesses, donor partners and rural communities. They are both grid-connected and off-grid – private households, tourist lodges, government schools and hospitals, commercial office buildings, agro-processing facilities, telecom sites and more. ASD has extensive experience with rural electrification and community development projects and understands the specific constraints and processes associated with community-based energy systems.



At RENDANet, Our on-the-ground engineering and commercial work gives us a day-to-day view of the challenges and opportunities in the sector – and ensures that our Clean Energy Advisory support is rooted in practical understanding.

We offer our private, government, donor and financial clients support on:

- Policy development & governance

- Business modeling and commercial feasibility

- Energy access

- Rural electrification

- Community development

- Market and value chain analysis

- Energy financing

- Technical capacity building to technicians, trainers, community leaders, policy-makers and others

- Project management

- Strategic planning


As most of the socio-economic facilities in the rural and sub-urban communities are government owned. We have been advocating for government at local, state and federal level to initiate and implement policies that would facilitate the provision of clean, modern, renewable off-grid energy to the centers. And we have made a great breakthrough particularly in some state in Northern Nigeria. We at RENDANet, we collaborate with government department share ideas and intimate the stakeholders about the great benefit of adopting to such kind of projects. Though most of the stakeholders complain about funding, but we have made achievements in convincing many to consider the proposal.

In our part, we have experts and professionals in the Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind) projects design and management, we pledge in many cases rendered free maintenance services as an encouragement. We also supervises and make feasibility studies on the installations and assessment of the facilities.


One of the key activities in RENDANet initiative is development of renewable readiness assessments (RRAs). An RRA is a holistic assessment of conditions for renewable energy deployment in african countries and the actions necessary to further improve these conditions. An RRA is a rapid assessment of how a country can increase readiness and overcome the main barriers to the deployment of renewable energy technologies.


The initiative was designed to meet the global applicable standard and the following missions were considered:-

Scaling up rural electrification, including enabling the private sector to contribute to the process Implementation of a feed in tariff or other incentives to support renewable energy deployment Extending the grid network, and addressing integration of renewable energy into the grid Ensuring that any potential for biofuels for transport is captured to the benefit of the country Building sustainable business models for off-grid thermal and motive applications



To ensure success on our mission to power the less developed world, we enter into partnership with various organizations