Renewable Energy Solutions

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At RENDANet we have been managing various clean Energy initiatives giving more priority to:

1. Solar for Healthcare Delivery

2. Clean Energy for Agriculture value chain.

3. Solar for small business and Domestic lighting

4.Solar for streetlighting systems




Energy is a critical enabler for vital primary health care services, especially during maternal and childbirth emergencies. Without Electricity, mothers in childbirth are particularly at risk.

Universal access to affordable , reliable and modern Energy is directly connected to the achievement of almost all the SDGs. Our initiative is concern with Goal.7 and its role in achieving all the targets on Goal 3. Rural and sub-urban healthcare centers are in a very bad condition, the energy access and infrastructures are very poor and this directly negate and significantly hamper any effort to address the persistent healthcare delivery challenges. We are mobilizing, designing and managing projects for the provision of off-grid solar/wing energy to rural healthcare facilities for a more efficient healthcare delivery. At RENDANET we have a solution for critical rural maternal delivery (RENDANet Solar for Healthcare Delivery RSHD)

RSHD is an initiative of services that will ensure that both off-grid and on-grid clinics have continual access to clean reliable electricity. No more power cuts, no more failed medical equipment. With RSHD, clinics are guaranteed reliable, clean energy, optimised for healthcare usage.

Through RSHD, we designed and developed many projects for Rural Maternity centers in the Northern Nigeria



In the area of agriculture solar PV is found to be useful for applications such as water pumping for (drip) irrigation and cattle drinking, aeration for aquacultures, refrigeration of agricultural products, electric fencing, poultry lighting (cf. Lighting Africa study), and pest control. The main impacts of solar electricity on agricultural activities are described as increased productivity (including higher yields, lower losses and faster production) and improved natural resource management.

Renewable energy options, and in particular solar power, is therefore seem a very promising solution for sustainable agriculture in regions with high-solar-insulation, given its environmental advantages, low maintenance and increasingly low investment costs.

At RENDANet we design, develop and commission various solar powered irrigation projects, Solar powered fish farming and Agricultural products preservation systems.

RENDANet Solar Powered Agricultural system (RSPAS) is our technology system developed particularly for Sub-saharan African Farmers.We designed the system to be robust and flexible to adopt to variable nature of Aricultural system in Africa. We make use of Renewable Energy Atlas of locations to compute the real weather and solar insolation values at certain period of time, for any particular design.Over 40KVA of various solar powered Agricultural project has been executed.


To help unleash the economic productivity of those with very low incomes, provision of even a basic level of energy services can be the tipping point for a range of positive economic, social and cultural developments. Recognizing the concepts of value and cost (at varying levels of consumption) as well as the cost efficiencies of different technologies to deliver quantities at different price points will in turn allow innovation to flourish in this space.

At RENDANet we believe that the ‘energy poor’ of the world comprise a latent market opportunity but the vision rests on innovations that can deliver the solutions at the right cost (affordable) with a clear understanding of how the cost of energy service is linked to the value it delivers in a specific context.

Our Solar For Business solution RSB, is design to power small and medium business at both urban and sub-urban areas. More than 200KW commulative solar powered business projects were excuted, under this initiative.


RENDANet solar light systems (RSLS) are a widely used economic and environmental choice that can increase efficiency in any outdoor lighting system that requires a high amount of lighting at night.

Outdoor lighting is one of the top expenses for a business or a community, and solar LED outdoor lights are the only solution that permanently reduces lighting budgets through monthly savings on utility bills and low installation costs.

Areas that have an established outdoor lighting infrastructure which is going bad can sidestep the cost of repair by installing solar LED fixtures. New building projects can also benefit immensely with solar outdoor lighting because there is no need for trenching, wiring and similar preparations necessary for traditional lighting systems.

Solar parking lot lights are a perfect example of how parking lot lights can have low operation costs, improved security and enhanced visibility. Our parking lot lights use premium LED fixtures, producing an excellent and steady source of light while reducing electrical needs. Hundreds of such lights were installed in some state within the North and southern Nigeria.


To ensure success on our mission to power the less developed world, we enter into partnership with various organizations